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If you are visiting this page, chances are you or a loved one have or have had a problem with addiction(s) and/or compulsions.

Addictions are often thought of as an inability to stop a detrimental behavior despite its undesirable consequences.

Addictions involve:

An urge to consume a substance, such as alcohol, tobacco and/or drugs to gain some relief from stress and anxiety and provide some physical or psychological pleasure or relief from pain.

A compulsion, on the other hand, is:

An overwhelming and irresistible impulse to act.

Compulsive behavior, such as sexual addictions, gambling, excessive spending, eating issues, extreme exercise and internet consumption are usually accompanied by obsessive, intrusive thoughts that compel the person to act.

These COMPULSIVE behaviors are considered ADDICTIVE when they interfere with professional, academic and/or personal function.

Perhaps you have been in treatment, had counseling and have been sober or back on a healthy path but tend to relapse occasionally. And, you may now be ready to dig in and discover what is underneath the anxiety, the drive, the inability to stay the course. 

At Quest, we understand that addictions and compulsions often stem from early experiences and the resulting unconscious programs that tend to run our lives and keep us from feeling like we belong, that we are lovable and capable.

At Quest, we help you get to the bottom of your addictions and compulsions and provide experiences that help you change your brain, calm your nervous system and lead the life you long for.

Quest works with individuals who have gained some sobriety and want to discover the cause and the cure for themselves so they can, at last, be free of the addictions and compulsions that have prevented a full and rich life.