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Quest Institute Information for Relationship Help

Relationships are central in our daily lives, whether we are addressing a primary partner relationship, friendships, work relationships or relationships with family members.

Many of us arrive at adulthood not very well equipped to create or sustain healthy relationships.

You may simply not know how to begin or maintain relationships or you may find yourself in numerous relationships, none of which are very satisfying.

At Quest Retreats, we are here to help you with all your relationship problems.

  • Are you looking for an experience of real love in your life?
  • Do you find relationships but they just don’t seem to work?
  • Are you in relationships that are volatile?

Whatever your relationships problems, clinical and scientific research shows us the underlying causes of relationship issues relate to:

  • Our first relationships
  • How well our emotional (not just physical) needs were met
  • How safe we felt, and how consistent our care was tends to determine:
    • How the nervous system is wired
    • Our ability to calm ourselves and handle stress
    • Our beliefs about ourselves and
    • Our capacity for healthy, satisfying relationships.

A Quest Retreat will help you:

  • Have a tangible experience of safety
  • Heal your early experiences and beliefs and
  • Begin to trust yourself and the dance of relationship.

You also learn specific skills and relationship tools:

  • For becoming more present in relationship
  • Allowing yourself to know what you need
  • Receive all the goodness that is available for you.

As you apply these Quest tools you will:

  • Feel better about yourself

  • Have more confidence

  • Be able to hold boundaries,

  • Ask for what you want

  • Allow yourself to receive the intangible gifts of another’s presence.

This leads to greater satisfaction in all relationships: partners, friends, and colleagues.

Quest Retreats are 10-day healing intensives where you can feel safe to be yourself, to explore your needs, learn new skills and experience yourself as lovable! —Find out how this can work for you at Quest Retreat Program.

See our upcoming schedule at Quest Retreat Schedule.

Learn how a Quest Retreat will change your life. See Why Quest Works.

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