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Quest Institute offers 10-day healing intensive retreats, where adults experience empowerment and inspiration and receive tools to transform their lives.


With over three decades of experience,

Quest Institute Healing Retreats incorporate the latest sciences, advanced therapy and clinical practices. 

Here you can explore and release your past and experience the power of who you truly are.

At a Quest Institute Retreat We Help You:

  • We help you identify the source of current dissatisfaction and unhealthy patterns and

  • Provide skills and tools for creating satisfying relationships and meaningful action in every aspect of your life.

We walk with you, step by step, through processes that help you change your brain, change your experience of yourself and transform your life.

The Quest Institute Healing Retreat is structured to support you throughout your therapeutic healing process.

Safety, both physical and emotional, is of utmost importance, allowing for deep healing work. Within 24 hours of your arrival you will be assigned a personal facilitator who will guide you throughout your Quest. This facilitator is carefully chosen to maximize your experience and change your life. We work as a team, and your personal facilitator works most closely with you.

Our facilitator helps to make sure the Quest Institute Healing Retreat program is tailored for you.

This is not a cookie-cutter “one-size-fits-all” process. He or she meets with you one-on-one and in small group, and is present to support you when the entire group meets together. This person is also responsible to keep the whole staff apprised of your progress as they are also available to work with you.

During a Quest Institute Healing Retreat you benefit from your own exploration as well as observing the work of others.

  • Opportunities are available throughout the day, whether with your one-on-one facilitator, or in the group as a whole, your small process group, or the art studio; opportunities even present during meals—you are essentially always in process.
  • Participants average 100 hours working on their process during a 10-day healing Retreat.
  • Individual sessions and groups already discussed, as well as assignments, both written and art process, keep you fully involved.
  • Small groups, configured to maximize your benefits, meet twice daily.
  • Men meet separately from women so everyone is supported to do their deepest work without distraction.
  • Small groups are further customized with attention to age and issues.

You will find that your process and your healing occur organically; you need not “try” to change. We find that when participants enter Quest’s atmosphere of deep safety and complete acceptance, their healing unfolds naturally. 

During the Quest Institute Healing Retreat you will have many opportunities to have life changing experiences.

A variety of scientifically backed therapeutic modalities are included throughout each 10-day Quest Institute therapy intensive as you follow a trajectory that sets you up for success.

You, like thousands of others, can begin to launch the life you want in just ten days!

Join us for our next Quest Retreat and begin your journey to the life you long for.

The page Is Quest Institute Healing Retreat for Me? will help you know if a Quest Institute Retreat is something that would benefit you.

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