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Was Quest life changing? A big YES!  Beginning with a the creation of a lot of safety by a very loving, committed (and large!) staff, the incorporation of ideas and research like neuroscience and epigenetics, plus hands-on experiential processes helped me experience some things inside myself I have longed for. I have had years of therapy and done many workshops and retreats but this gave me some huge, unique break throughs! I wish I had had this information, this experience of myself, many years ago! I am so grateful!

– Dr. P. H., Central California  

This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and, it was “just what the doctor ordered!” I found a healthy, welcoming family atmosphere. The meals were great, accommodations comfortable and everyone bonded in a way I hadn’t expected.  There was so much deep respect for each individual. I feel I have made some allies for life (both inside of me and with my group) and I have journeyed home a new person. This was a great investment in myself! All in all, Quest will remain a bright and guiding light in my life.

­– C.J., Trinidad

Through this work, I am able to stand in my truth.  My foundation is sturdy, my attachments healthier and I am stronger both emotionally and spiritually. Struggles are easier to move through as I am able to take each moment as it arrives.  I can honestly say I now experience joy and contentment in my life!

–SK, LMSW, Michigan

Working with Marti and Ken was a positively life changing experience! Over 10 days I had the opportunity to strengthen my attachments, examine my life through a new lens, and have the opportunity to participate in activities that have changed my life forever!


This work helped me become more "solid" as an individual.  I find I value my uniqueness far more now, and am much less willing to "cave" to others' agenda or opinion.  "I really know that I matter."

–KG, Michigan

I am always happy to refer to Quest. The clarity and confidence my clients experience is unprecedented.

–L. Crawford, PhD, Templeton, CA

My family’s history was marked by tragedy and unprocessed grief.  I had done a lot of work around that, achieving a level of coping that allowed me to function in life, but there was still a dark hole inside me, crying out for healing.

This is how I came to work with Ken Bruer and Marti Glenn.  Several years ago, I spent time with them, following their encouragement to go deeper, to heal the wounds within that still remained.

Their gentle and unwavering support allowed me to find answers that had never come through before.  It was almost like a light being turned on—I had not known such light within was possible.  Wow!

Several months after my retreat, I was sitting in a Walgreens waiting for a prescription to be filled.  Just a few empty minutes—so I checked within to find the oh-so-familiar hole that I had been carrying since childhood. I was stunned to find it not there—it had always been there—the dark cave of despair that was always present.  IT WAS GONE!  And it has not come back.

I highly recommend this amazing work with Marti and Ken—it changed my life in ways that are still unfolding.  You will be in their very safe care to find your own healing—I cannot say enough about the work we did together.

–Rev. Marian, Chicago