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Why Quest Institute Self Help Retreats WorkCan a Quest Institute Healing Retreat help you?

Chances are, since you found your way here, you or someone you care about needs help, wants to change their relationships and transform their life. Deciding on a course of action, a path to take, can be confusing and difficult. You may ask yourself, “How do I know this is right for me?” “Will anything really help?” You are on a Quest for something more and you’ve come to the right place! A Quest Institute 10-day Healing Retreat uses scientifically informed methods designed to guide you from where you are in your life to where you want to be. Even, and especially, if you feel you’ve tried everything, you will find Quest Institute unique and transformational. Here’s what makes Quest Institute so effective when other methods may fall short.

New Brain Science is Changing Everything About the Most Effective Ways to Heal Psychological Issues

Over the past few years science is changing what we know about the most effective and efficient ways to heal, especially long standing difficulties. Most psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, relationship problems, trauma or PTSD, a lack of happiness and motivation for life, stem from the ways in which our brains and nervous systems are wired. That’s why many of us try things that help temporarily, like changing our thinking or starting a new routine, but eventually, the symptoms return. It’s like clipping off the tops of weeds in your garden. The garden looks great for a while, but eventually the weeds return. We need to pull the weeds out by the roots and plant what we really want to grow in the garden! You have to literally rewire your brain and nervous system. Fortunately, with the innovative methods we use at Quest Retreats, that is exactly what we help you do.

What is Directing Your Life? How Does This Effect Your Mental and Emotional Health?

Your brain and nervous system direct your life: how you think, how you feel, how you react and how you relate to others. Your level of happiness, self-confidence, resiliency, as well as your ability to trust others and create satisfying relationships and meaningful work, all hinge on the architecture of your brain and nervous system. Angry outbursts, addictive tendencies, depression and anxiety as well as experiences of pleasure and pain are all dictated by this amazing system.

Your Past Does Not Need to Determine Your Future: You can Change the Physiology of Your Brain and Your Nervous System

Until recently we thought our personalities were pretty much fixed. It seemed if you were categorized as “high strung,” “difficult,” anxious, obsessive - compulsive or depressed, it was considered your temperament for life.  Now, thanks to the many new brain imaging technologies and sophisticated research methods that have emerged in the last 5 to 10 years, we now know how to help you change your brain; how to help you rewire your nervous system and therefore change your life, sometimes dramatically. This is big news: You can change the physiology of your brain and your nervous system. This is the process that unfolds at Quest, and you go home with a toolbox designed specifically for you to continue to strengthen the “New You”!

The process we use at Quest is not magic; it’s science. Fortunately, you don’t have to understand all the intricate details of brain science to take advantage of this latest research and information and the specific tools we have crafted for you.

The Role of Our Earliest Experiences in "Programming" Our Brains Towards Healthy Or Unhealthy Behaviors

Our brains are programmed through experience and the foundation of our basic hardware is set through our earliest experiences with our caregivers. These experiences create memories, not factual incidences we can recall, but unconscious or implicit memories. Within these memories lie our programming, our beliefs about ourselves, and how we must be to survive in our families. Most of the undesirable behaviors, emotional states and lack of ability to maintain meaningful relationships developed through this emotional memory. This unconscious programming keeps our brains wired in ways that sabotage what the conscious mind may want. The processes at Quest involve gentle, relational experiences that impact and shift this programming, so that you go home with a new program and specific tools for strengthening your unique blueprint and manifesting your gifts.

Quest Institute's Healing Recipe for Your Transformational Experience for Mental and Emotional Health

Recent science is showing us that these transformational experiences must include a felt sense of safety in every aspect of our being. We need to feel “met” where we are, accepted and cared for.  We need to work with and beyond the words.  Allowing the deeper parts of our experience to speak, through simple, creative endeavors, also ignites the new brain growth. Within this context, Quest Institute helps you create unique experiences for you to touch and change your earliest patterns, therefore changing your brain and rewiring your nervous system. Research now tells us, these simple process or mindfulness and caring relationship can change the expression of our DNA. This is truly foundational, transformational change from the very cells that dictate our lives.

Quest Institute lays the foundation for these experiences, first of all, by consciously creating an incredibly safe container for you to enter. Our large staff – one staff member for every two participants – is unique. While every staff member is available to you, you also have a specific facilitator who works with you on a daily basis to guide your experiences. In addition to whole group meetings, you will be a part of a carefully selected small group of like-minded fellow travelers who meet twice each day. There are also times allotted for your personal reflection and completion of assignments designed for you.  Day by day experiences build to help you ferret out old patterns and experience new possibilities. All this culminates in experiences of your authentic self: clear, lovable, capable, and able to go back into your life and be who you truly are. You will go home with a toolbox designed specifically for you to help maintain your new gains and ways to stay in touch with your facilitator and fellow participants during your re-integration process.


See how a Quest Institute Retreat can help you rewire your brain and nervous system and transform your life!

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